“Develop Mystical, Metaphysical and Spiritual skills that will help you excel in Life, Love, Success and Happiness … and have a bunch of fun along the way!” ~ Simone


Gain Access to inner realms of Soul(ar) Power!

We are living in a profoundly powerful time. One filled with rapid change and increasing energy that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. As Spiritual awareness expands, both personally and globally, these intense shifts are to be expected as a part of the process of  evolution, expansion and awakening.

This shift in awareness is calling us to remember who we truly are as Spiritual beings and asking us to rekindle the relationship we have with our Soul and to use the powerful resources we have within us to transform and shape our destiny.

Modern Mystics Membership is a monthly membership community that combines powerful, practical and spiritual, alchemical and metaphysical training modules designed to help you understand the Mystical journey process and tap into your Soul based/Spiritual  resources so you can navigate this transformative time with greater clarity, courage, power and passion.

Modern Mystics Membership is specially designed for the dedicated Spiritual Adventurer who is  committed to understanding, developing and actually USING their mystical gifts to transform their lives and shape their Destiny in a way that is real, grounded and deeply meaningful.

*** And by the way … EVERYONE has Mystical gifts. You do not need to be Spiritually ‘special’ to gain access to realms of unseen power, you only need to understand that they are already a part of your nature,  then develop some tools and habits to access and use them. Modern Mystics Membership will help you do just that.

In this FLUFF FREE ZONE, you will appreciate the clarity, depth and practicality of teaching, that is field tested and proven in all areas of life – and that will support and guide you into a  deep and authentic understanding of your Soul based Spiritual power AND practical ways in how to use and apply it.


As Mystics we dig deep into our Spiritual power, we go beyond personal mind and its limitations to access our Soul and the Higher Consciousness carried there to cultivate and create miraculous outcomes. Visionaries, Conscious Leaders, World class athletes, artists and elite performers of all kinds access this deep power to do ‘super human’ things. Their outcomes are not created through their personality – but through their Spirit.

A Mystic is a TRUE LIGHTWORKER in the deepest sense of the word. I invite you to become a Modern Mystics Member where you will learn new tools, skills and understandings that will assist you in navigating the process of your Spiritual Emergence and claiming its gifts with a greater sense of peace and power.

If you are ready to say YES to Claiming and Using your Soul(ar) Power then I invite you to join me ‘on the inside’ and become a Member today.


What’s Happening on ‘the Inside’

Every month we dive into deeper understanding of how to apply the power of our Soul, Spirit and Consciousness to our lives in a fun and meaningful way. We learn new Spiritual and Alchemical tools, practice psychic and Intuitive games and exercises, and clarify important Mystical understandings that make sense of and empower our Spiritual Journey.

We cover topics like:

  • Moving from Self to Soul – How to access your Spiritual Resources.
  • Spiritual Wealth.
  • Using Intuition as your First Intelligence.
  • Working with Archetypes.
  • Understanding the true mission of a Light Walker.
  • Developing Spiritual Power
  • Using Alchemy to transform your reality
  • How to sense, interpret and shift energy in any situation
  •  and much, much more.


Check Out Everything You Get as a Member

Every Modern Mystic who is dedicated to expanding their personal Mastery has a Spiritual toolbox that is full of a wide assortment of powerful yet practical tools. Modern Mystics Membership helps you strengthen and refine the tools you may already possess and offers you tons of new tools that you may have never used before and teaches you easy yet dynamic ways to use them in shaping your Life.

  • Unlimited monthly access to new and existing lessons, videos, articles and exercises
  • 2 Monthly Modern Mystic training/teaching modules
  • Including Monthly Spiritual Power Lesson and Monthly Alchemical Tool Lesson
  • 1 x Live monthly Q&A/Coaching call (work one on one with me!!)
  • 1 x Monthly Soulstrategies article
  • Quarterly Mini Master Class with me OR a Modern Mystics Special Guest
  • Private Facebook Group
  • First Dibs on Special Events, Classes & Retreats
  • And so much more


Unlimited Access

Modern Mystics Membership provides you with continuous unlimited access to all current teaching modules, videos, recordings and special events. The Modern Mystics Library will continually expand with new and exciting content and you have access to it 24/7.


2 Monthly Training/Teaching Modules

Twice each month a new training/teaching module will be added to the membership library. The subject matter will vary from month to month, but will include topics such as Spiritual Power, Working in the Fifth Dimension, Alchemy, Working with Archetypes, Deepening Intuition, Working Magic, Sacred Spaces, Calling in your Council, Reading Reality and many more mystical topics. These training modules may be presented as video training webinars, or audio training segments and are available for your personal access whenever your schedule permits.

Each month will include a  *Spiritual Power module and a unique *Alchemical Tool module. Each of these specialized modules will provide tools, tips and exercises to begin to maximize power and focus so you can  amplify and accelerate your mystical journey in practical and applicable ways.


1 LIVE Monthly Coaching / Q&A Call (Work directly with me!!)

Once a month we do a LIVE Q&A  call where you can connect directly with me to get coaching on any of the modules or teachings or you can ask   whatever questions you have about your Spiritual adventure, Intuition, Alchemy, Esoterics,  or whatever Mystical curiosity you may have. This is a perfect opportunity to learn my personal ‘Spiritual / Life Hacks’ that have helped me deepen my Mystical practice AND assist me in my every day life!

If you have a Q … I have an A.

Can’t make the calls live, but still have questions? No worries! You can email me your questions in advance and I will answer them for you.

Each call will be recorded and posted inside the membership for you to watch/listen to whenever you like.


Monthly Soulstrategies Lesson

Each month also includes a written Soulstrategies lesson filled with tools and information that continues to guide and direct your Spiritual adventure and further refines your skill and precision.


Quarterly Mini Master Class

There is nothing more powerful than learning from people who are walking their talk, have lots of great experience and are where you want to be. Which is why membership will feature a Special Mini – Master Class with me OR with a Special Modern Mystic guest expert every few months.


First Dibs

Membership provides you with ‘first dibs’ on all new programs, events, offers and retreats. This is your opportunity to gain access to powerful Modern Mystic content before anyone else does.



Private Facebook Group

We accelerate and deepen our Mystical understandings by sharing with like minded Adventurers. Our private Facebook group offers such an environment – a place to share, ask, involve and expand.


Additional Special Content

I will be continuously adding powerful content to the Modern Mystics Membership. Videos, Articles, Interviews and more will help make MMM one of the best Personal Mastery sites on the internet.




“Destiny is not random. Nor is it fate. It is determined by Choice and guided by Wisdom, Trust and Courage.” ~ Simone



Side Effects of Membership

The side effects of developing our Mystical tools are varied and wide reaching. But a few of the expected side effects of a Modern Mystics Membership might be:

  • Expanded awareness of Spiritual Power
  • Gained momentum, breaking stuck patterns, renewed happiness and self awareness
  • Deeper understanding of the nature of Reality
  • More courage, clarity and peace
  • Amplified connection to Soul, Spirit and hidden realms
  • Less drama, Greater ease
  • Greater self confidence and inner authority
  • Expanded Intuitive ability
  • Ability to see the bigger picture
  • More joy, humor and self knowledge
  • … and more


Introductory Pricing

The special introductory pricing is offered for a Limited Time Only. The content of Membership and the value will continuously grow, but regardless of the new prices, or the amount of content,  your special discounted introductory rate (monthly or annual) will remain in effect as long as you maintain your membership.

Registration is done through PayPal. You can cancel at any time. (see cancellation policies here)

Once you have registered, you will receive a WELCOME email within 24 hours that will outline more details and information regarding your membership. Once your membership is confirmed  you will have  access to all content and will be notified with reminders when new content is available and when the LIVE Coaching / Q&A is happening and how you can participate.

***If you have any difficulty registering or have any questions, you may email the office at 

***PayPal credit for US Residents only



















I look forward to seeing you ‘On the Inside!’