What is a Soul Box Subscription?

Every month, you get a hand made, Soul crafted magical package wrapped up and delivered to your front door. The theme for each month changes, but the underlying intent is always the same: to energetically support you mind, body and Spirit as you navigate your Spiritual adventure, to connect you to nature, and to expand and deepen your relationship with Soul and Source.

Each Soul Box has four alchemically created, hand-made products in it, based around the monthly theme (seasonal, planetary or collectively) that are designed to work together as an integrated support system for your inner and outer self. Each month also contains a detailed ritual that can be used together with the magical items in the box. And from time to time, I may add some special seasonal additions, or access to a free mini class, just for kicks and giggles!

The contents and themes will always change, but you can expect to receive things like:

Custom blended specialty Elixers, Scented herbal room spray; Seasonal Ritual/Spell to support your Magickal practice, Herbal lotions and body care, seasonal Tea Blends and Tinctures (detox in the Spring, Cooling in the Summer, nourishing in the Winter), Herbal blends to work with particular Seasonal Magick, Special food recipes, Herbal syrups, Infused Oils, Herbal Bath Blends, Essential Oil Blends, Candles, Crystals, Shells and more …. all consciously created to support, sustain and nourish you from the inside – out.

Over $100 worth of wonderful, magickal stuff, shipped directly to your door. As long as you are a subscriber, you are guaranteed to receive your box. Boxes will ship on/around the 10th of each month.

**If you would like to order extra items online, you will need to place a separate order.


Month-to-Month $57.00 USD – charged every month (This includes priority shipping)
3 month prepay $165.00 USD (discounted) – charged every 3 months (This includes priority shipping)
6 month prepay $310.00 (discounted) USD – charged every 6 months (This includes priority shipping)
12 month prepay $595 (discounted) USD – charged every 12 months (This includes priority shipping)

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, however if you should cancel your 3 or 6 month subscription prior to its completion, you will be charged the full month to month price for the number of months you received your Soul Box order. Cancellations must be made before boxes have shipped. (Usually the 10th of each month)

**Prices are subject to change without notice. Your subscription locks in the purchase price for as long as your subscription is active.