Activate greater Clarity, generate inner stillness, shape a powerful creative crucible for Intuition, Inspiration and Divine Power.

December is the perfect time to gift yourself and your favorite Spiritual friends with this Deluxe Alchemical Gift Box.


Created especially to honor the Mystical and Esoteric energies of the Christmas season, The Gifts of the Magi Box is full of all sorts of alchemical goodies created to treat your MInd, Body and Spirit.

The Esoteric and Symbolic meaning of the Story of the Three Magi

We are all familiar with the chapter of the Christmas story that features the journey of the Three Wise Men who arrive  from the East to present the New Christ child with gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrhh. If we look beyond the surface into the hidden esoteric meaning carried within the symbolism, we can discover hints that will assist us in engaging with and using our own Divine Nature.

The number 3 is a sacred number, which in esoteric practice symbolizes, SPIRIT. The Magi (which is plural of Magicians/Alchemists/Wise Men) symbolize the powerful nature of mystically trained Initiates/Shamans who understood the nature of herbs, healing and cycles of eternity. They come from the East (which symbolizes the house of the Sun/ Divine Consciousness/ life force of all) to honor the birth of unlimited Christed potential in the new babe. They also symbolize the 3 levels of Mind, essential to our mystical advancement. (Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious) AND the 3 levels of Alchemy required to generate powerful transformation.

The Gold represents Divine Identity, an acknowledgement of  Sovereign Grace and Power and also represents the perfected Soul, free from the limits of Self, and directly linked to Source energy. The Myrhh is a feminine herb, ruled by the Moon – the Frankincense is a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun. When these two herbs are combined in perfect balance in a crucible of pure Gold, they generate the divine combination of Masculine and Feminine, cultivating in the sacred union of polarized opposites that opens the door to Source energy and unlocks the wisdom of the Magi themselves.

Carried within this beautiful story of GOLD AND HERBS and shaped around the Sacred number 3 , this is just one of the keys to unlocking the door to our authentic Spiritual Nature and the special items in this gift box have been created especially to assist you in unwrapping your own gifts of Spirit this holiday season. Enjoy!

QUANTITIES OF THIS GIFT BOX ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED. PLEASE ORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO ENSURE MID DECEMBER DELIVERY. All orders must be received no later than DECEMBER 8TH to ensure delivery by Winter Solstice. (December 21) ***International orders may take longer to arrive.

HOW TO USE YOUR GIFT BOX – Video Instructions, Herbal Information and a Powerful Ritual (Part 1 and 2)


‘And when they opened their treasures, they presented unto Him, gifts, of Gold and Frankinsence and Myrrh.’ – Matthew 2:11


 Here’s what is included in The Gifts of the Magi Alchemical Gift Box 

*Gifts of the Magi Elixer – Alchemical Herbal Blend of 23.5 k Gold, Frankincense and Myrhh, with a touch of Sunflower Honey and Chamomile ( 1 oz bottle To activate your Inner Magi)

*Gifts of the Magi Air/Body Spray – Alchemical Blend of 7 Essential Oils including Frankincense & Myrhh and Coloidal Gold – 4 oz bottle (To cultivate inspired energy in your environment)

*Gift of the Magi Essential Oil Blend – Alchemical Blend of Frankincense, Myrhh and GoldenSeal – .050 oz bottle (to dab on pulse points for energetic support)

*Winter Solstice Alchemical Bath Blend – Featuring Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Juniper and Orange Blossom (to invigorate rejuvenation and clear negativity)

*3 Anointed Alchemical Candles with special Ritual/Spell/Prayer (for ‘Planting seeds in the New Light’ for Good Fortune for the New Year)

* 3 Hand made dark chocolates blended with Alchemical herbs and Gold (for a bit of sweet organic nutrition to support Clarity, Stillness and Peace)
*Chicory & Cinnamon *Angelica & Ginko *Lavender & Bergamot

* Special Sunflower Honey Blend with 23.5 K Gold and Chamomile (for savoring and sweetness)

... ***You also receive a FREE INVITATION to our Modern Mystics December Sacred Ritual Online class – which will guide you through a powerful understanding of how to use the special time of year and how to make the most of the Gifts included in your box – (which is an additional $47 / Value)


All of these items priced individually would be over $150 – but for a limited time, this special, hand and soul crafted gift box is available for

$65 (plus shipping and handling)

***Will ship out on or about December 11th

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: If you live outside of the US or Canada and would like to place an order – OR if you have any difficulty placing your order, please contact me directly at and I will make arrangements to get your order to you asap. Thanks!