Herbal Support for your Spiritual Life


Welcome to the TEMPORARY HOME for House of the Sun – Esoteric Apothecary.

I am in the process of finalizing the official website for HOS and it will be ready to go in late December or early January. So for now, take some time to look around and get a taste of what is to come.


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Boy! This Spiritual Adventure stuff can be tough on a body! No one tells us that as we walk this Spiritual path that all of the hard work we do on the inside can really do a number on us. At least that’s how it has felt for me.


I noticed that as my Spiritual work accelerated, my body became more sensitive and required greater intentional and specific support. All of the work we do on the non-physical levels, can and does take a toll on the physcial. (Mind fog, feeling ungrounded, food and environmental sensitivities, emotional shifts, weird aches and pains … does any of that sound familiar to you?)


And when breakthroughs and upgrades were happening, they required a lot of energy to maintain, which was leaving me feeling burned out. So where does one go for authentic support for these Spiritual symptoms?


 I wasn’t finding anything ‘out there’ that could answer my needs for HIGH LEVEL, conscious, mystical, energy support that could balance my mind, body and spirit after a tough day in the Soul Gym. So, I created it myself.


And House of the Sun Esoteric Apothecary was born.


There is lots more to share with you and the official launch will happen soon, but in the meantime – as a part of my Thanksgiving Special Sale, I wanted to share some of the first House of The Sun products with you.


All of these products are Heart and Soul crafted by me in my Herbal Studio, using Alchemical and Esoteric practices. So QUANTITIES ARE VERY LIMITED!


They are all perfect for gift giving as the Holiday season approaches and you wonder what to get for your favorite Mystic. (you of course are at the top of that list) 


Order yours today and start providing yourself with powerful Herbal support for your Spiritual Life!!